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      1. ●  10ms Switching:In-house technology Rbus, the high-speed real-time Ethernet communication protocol. Micro-grid control ring network provides real-time, highly efficient and user-friendly network mode, data switch achievable within 10ms.
        ● Real-time Control:Industry-leading micro grid core control platform, the DSP+ARM+FPGA architecture, high speed backplane bus, embedded Linux operating system, real-time complete power issued, the voltage and current data real-time collection and each node of the real-time controlIndustrial leading micro-grid core control platform adopts DSP+ARM+FPGA Architecture,high-speed backplane bus and RT-Linux embedded operating system, completing real-time power transmission, real-time data collection of voltage and current and real-time control of each node.
        ●  Multi-energy storage:A variety of energy storage combinations includes lithium battery, super capacitor, flywheel energy storage and other modes.
        ●  Replicable:Pilot project National 863 Program of Smart Micro-grid, successful experience towards commercial stage.
        ●  Whole package : Active Power Filter improves the quality of micro-grid power

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