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      1. ●  Achieved product design with more than 95% of parts standardized, enabling a better onward and progressive compatibility design.
        ●  Combined modular product design and rapidly customization delivery.
        ●More compact design, better ventilation and smart interface.
        ● Sharing diagnosis expert database among main control, converter, pitch control and SCADA system, optimized troubleshooting outcome and high reliability.

        Solution for Smart WTG

        Main Control System - Advanced Control Strategy

        Wind sensor failure operation, (electric) current compensation, parametric intelligent correction, intelligent lubrication, intelligent anemometry, typhoon mode.
        Technology of wind direction auto-tracking and acquisition under maximum power, technology of interconnected control among WTGs.

        Control Technology Development Based on WTG Simulation

        Optimization and renovation of control strategy, to help customers solve WTGs’ non-compliance

        Improved Control Strategy to Reduce WTG LoadOptimized Control Strategy to Improve WTG Performance
        Converter – Data Diagnostics
        Remote maintenance – parameter download, program updates, failure recording, failure classification and expert diagnosis
        Torque response less than 100ms with WTGs stable operation
        Patented technology of harmonic control, exceeding the national standard, user-friendly grid adaptability helps to improve power generation
        High sensitivity of power deviation, under control of -10kW∽+20kW, better performance than internationally well-known brands

        Figure: Comparison of RENergy Electric’s Unique Harmonic Suppression Technology

        Pitch System - Battery Performance Monitoring

        Segmentation speed control algorithm based on load, to enhance WTG response sensitivity
        Online energy monitoring technology of backup power, to combine automatic charging with manual charging makes the system easy to maintain
        Real-time monitoring, automatic detection and analysis on battery performanceto improve the safety of WTG
        In order to reduce load impact on WTG and improve the lifespan of WTG, emergency feathering and operation are enabled at variable speed.

        Figure: Emergency feathering and operation at variable speed

        SCADA System - Open Source Collaboration

        Data cache mechanism, data playback, and failure-point fast locating;
        Opened up a high degree of source code to the outside, support multiple communication protocols;
        Seamlessly integrated link with wind power prediction system, integrated into substation automation system and power dispatch system to achieve information integration and intelligent scheduling.

        Main Products


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