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          Job responsibilities:

          1 to assist in the completion of the project low voltage electrical design requirements and the overall software design;

          2 responsible for the completion of low-voltage electrical design and development projects, to ensure that the project;

          3. Participate in low-voltage circuit design scheme and preliminary research on new products and new projects, the software part of the project and cooperate with each other, participated in the design of the project scheme of hardware, topology structure calculated key device parameters of the hardware in the loop;

          4 responsible for electrical control circuit design and optimization design of electrical control circuit BOM single, schematic, layout, wiring diagram design, as well as the electrical circuit of the EMC design;

          5 to participate in the selection of components, design, test;

          6 assist team leader to guide and test the prototype production of the new product and assist in the pilot process for product introduction and training.

          Job requirements:
          1 Bachelor degree or above, major in electrical engineering, automation, automation, power electronics, etc.;
          2 school performance is good, English level Four and above;
          3 professional theoretical foundation and the practical experience of solid, with strong practical ability; strong learning ability;
          4 have good communication skills, strong sense of responsibility, dedication, good team work sense;
          5 research direction or project experience is preferred.

          If you are interested, please send your resume to the email address of the company sy.ai@relectric.cn

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