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          Job responsibilities:
          1 be responsible for the technical support, product failure data collection and sorting, fault handling problem tracking, prepare the final report and feedback to improve the product;
          2 be responsible for the function and performance test of the converter;
          3 responsible for the performance test of the device;
          4 responsible for the construction of the test platform;
          5 write test plan, test specification and test report.

          Job requirements:
          1 master's degree and doctorate degree in power electronics, electrical engineering and automation, automation and other related major;
          2 understanding of electronic / electrical professional knowledge, familiar with power electronics courses, with a certain C language programming base; proficiency in the use of CAD software;
          3 school performance is good, English level Four and above;
          4 professional theoretical foundation and the practical experience of solid, with strong practical ability; strong learning ability;
          5 have good communication skills, strong sense of responsibility, dedication, good team work sense;
          6 research direction or project experience is preferred.

          If you are interested, please send your resume to the email address of the company sy.ai@relectric.cn

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