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          [2016] school recruit Field Service Engineer Recruitment


          One、Company profile

          Renergy Electric Co., Ltd. was established in 2008, is the field of renewable energy and power electronic systems provide solutions independent third party suppliers.
          Renergy electric adhere to independent innovation, determined to build renewable energy field and in the field of power electronics and electrical system industry national brand, is committed to become the market leader and by respected world-class company. Renergy Electric is the first self-developed wind power core control technology of electric control system of enterprises. Company has more than 150 people R & D team, the independent development of wind power control system, inverter, variable pitch system and SCADA system, reached the international advanced level; bear the microgrid national "863" project product applications in more than 150 global wind farm. Currently business involved in renewable energy project development, renewable energy and electrical control field, energy saving and emission reduction and intelligent driving field, wind power, photovoltaic, industrial automation, intelligent manufacturing industry provide customized electrical system integration solving scheme and field engineering maintenance services and spare parts service.
          "Focus on electronic control, wind-driven supportan". Good at making renergy electric power conversion becomes more stable and friendly. We firmly believe that the quality of renewable energy and high-quality industrial equipment will change the world, we will adhere to the "honesty, pragmatism, innovation, responsibility, passion, enterprising" spirit of enterprise, for human and enjoy the convenience of low carbon life dreams efforts.

          Two、Recruitment post

          Field service engineer 20

          Three、Job responsibilities

          • 1 responsible for the field of wind turbine products for commissioning and guidance work;
            2 responsible for the site or customer assembly base of the product failure to deal with;
            3 responsible for analyzing, solving and dealing with the fault of the products;
            4 responsible for customer product technical issues to answer;
            5 to improve product optimization and innovation;
            6 responsible for the completion of the daily work report.

          Four、Job requirements

          • 1 Bachelor degree or above, major in electrical engineering or automation, wind energy and power engineering, automation, power plant and power system, new energy application;
            2 professional theoretical foundation and the practical experience of solid, with strong practical ability; strong learning ability;
            3 have good communication skills, strong sense of responsibility, dedication, good team work sense;
            4 good health, no acrophobia, heart disease, etc..

          Five、Work place

          • ● Qinghai, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Henan, Anhui, Hunan, Hubei, Jiangsu, Shandong, Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, Guizhou, and other provinces wind field work
          • ● According to the new employee of origin near the wind field distribution principle, such as the "Guangdong province staff in Guangdong province work"

          Six、Salary and benefits

          • 1 compensation
          • ● he company provides competitive salary in the same industry, according to the performance of the annual salary adjustment opportunities; in addition to the monthly fixed salary, the company also provides performance bonus, year-end bonus, length of service salary and other remuneration;
          • ● Travel subsidies: according to the technical level of the subsidy standards continue to increase;
          • ● Salary structure: standard salary + travel allowance + seniority salary + year-end bonus + other benefits (after tax annual salary 5w-7w);
          • ● After the obtainment of basic salary of 3500 yuan / day + subsidies 100 yuan / day + benefits;
          • 2 benefits: the company provides a sound, standardized pay and benefits;
          • ● According to the higher base pay insurance and housing provident fund; according to the provisions of the State paid annual leave, legal holiday;
          • ● Payment of heating subsidies, summer cooling costs, holidays, birthday gifts condolences and so on welfare;
          • ● Provide annual health examination, organize staff birthday party; rich cultural and recreational activities and Party branch, trade union activities;
          • ● Provide dormitory and working food, dormitory environment is good.

          Seven、New training system and career planning

          • 1 the company has perfect graduate training system and rotation mechanism;
            2 the company has perfect qualifications to develop a dual channel system;
            3 the company has perfect internal competition mechanism, to provide a fair and impartial internal development and promotion opportunity;
            4 provide good external training opportunities, organize regular professional skills, management ability and other external training;
            5 the company to assist the outstanding engineers to declare the Tianjin talent funded projects, to assist reporting engineer;
            6 development direction: engineers according to the technical level of continuous promotion; engineers, regional director, regional manager.

          Eight 、recruitment process

          • 1 receive resume
          • ● please send your resume and related certificate sent to the mailbox: xiaoyuanzhaopin@relectric.cn
          • Please set the title of the mail "name + position + professional + expected working area";
          • ●The landing platform and online resume (click renergy electric recruitment, online application or scanning micro channel two-dimensional code);
          • http://campus.chinahr.com/2016/mingyang/jobs.asp?did=306711000004
          • 2 Shuangxuan / presentation: on-site receiving resumes, lectures will be held;
            3 written examination: the presentation will end the field arrangement written examination;
            4 Interview: combined with the written test results and resume match, the organization of the interview and signed the three party agreement.
            More 2016 campus recruitment trip and talk about time please pay attention to the company's official website www.manespeak.com or sweep code company micro channel two-dimensional code, network application platform for two-dimensional code!

          Nine、contact the way

          • Alliance: Human Resource Center
            Email address: xiaoyuanzhaopin@relectric.cn
            Recruitment line: 022-23966581
            Company address: Tianjin City, Xiqing Economic Development Zone Xinghua seven road No. 1

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