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      1. "Tailor-made" professional electric pitch solution REpitch-A series

        Advanced adaptive modular design

        REpitch AC pitch control system adopts modular design concept, which is the first commercial application of AC variable pitch system, and it is the most reasonable integration of the same power system.
        The general development of series of, performance can also meet plateau high humidity, coastal salt spray, ultra low temperature etc. operating environment requirements, upgrade become easier, faster, and less spare parts, reduce operational costs of function module.
        According to customer demand for differentiated customized design, to meet the needs of different machine control concept design, to provide high quality service. Has more than 3000 sets of stable operating results.
        High performance and excellent reserve power management evaluation
        The management mechanism of REpitch system is beyond the simple voltage detection technology, and the introduction of complete battery performance testing and analysis, real-time monitoring of the key performance parameters of the battery. After the data is analyzed by the power management, the performance status of the battery is uploaded to the host computer. Customers can use the software to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the performance status of the battery, there are plans to stop maintenance, shorten the maintenance time of the pitch system, improve the stability of the system.

        Optimized backup power control
        REpitch system optimizes the use of backup power supply strategy, can effectively extend the battery life. By reducing the dependence of the system on backup power supply, reducing the charge and discharge times of backup power supply. According to more than 3 years of operation data statistics, the expected battery life of up to 10 years, can effectively reduce customer operation and maintenance costs.

        system parameter

        Adaptive parameters of AC motor

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